Techly.com sells his products to Italy. If you want to ship to other countries please contact us or see our resellers

Techly.com can only accept orders for delivery in Italian territory, orders for delivery in other countries may be managed by arrangement. In this case, the shipping costs will be calculated and communicated to the customer after the order and the expected payment will be bank transfer. The cancellation is possible until the time of the order that takes place with the issuance of the transport document or invoice.


For every order placed on Techly.com, IC Intracom Italy S.p.A. will invoice of the material, sending it via e-mail to the order, under Article 14 of Presidential Decree 445/2000. For the issuance of the invoice, the information will be provided by the Customer. No change in the bill will be possible after the issuance thereof.


The delivery costs and / or incidental charges are paid by the customer. The payment of the goods by the customer will be using the method chosen when ordering. Nothing is more due by the customer in total shown at the end of the purchase process.


The shipping costs are calculated based on the weight of the goods according to the following table:

Peso in Kg. Italy
da 0 a 1 4,50 € *
>1 - 5 5,00 € *
>5 - 10 6,88 € *
>10 - 20 9,34 € *
>20 - 30 11,47 € *
>30 - 50 15,00 € *
>50 - 100 20,98 € *
over 100 20,98 € * + 4,50 € * for each 25 Kg. or fraction


Charges Delivery by appointment:
For this type of delivery is applied to the delivery cost by the courier with an additional fee of 2.50 € + VAT, clearly demonstrated in the choice of the method of delivery. The service requires that the customer is contacted by phone by the carrier to secure the delivery date and time slot (morning or afternoon).


No responsibility can be attributed to IC Intracom Italy S.p.A. in case of delay in the shipment or delivery of the order.


The delivery of the ordered means at street level unless notice of our customer service Upon delivery of the goods by the courier, the customer is required to check:

  • that the number of boxes is the same as indicated on the invoice;
  • the packaging is not damaged or wet or otherwise altered, including the sealing materials (adhesive tape or metal)


Any damage to the packaging and / or product or the mismatch in the number of packages or particulars, must be immediately notified to the courier "subject to control" (specify why RESERVE, eg. "Flushed packaging", "packaging crushed" , etc.) on the sheet proof of delivery courier. Once signed the document courier, the customer can not make any objection about the appearance of what was delivered.

Any problems concerning the physical, correspondence or completeness of the products received must be reported within five days from delivery.

If you fail to collect within 5 working days of the material in storage at the warehouses of courier because of repeated inability to deliver to the address specified by the Customer, the order will be sent back at the warehouses of IC Intracom Italy SpA (costs charged to the customer).

Once signed the document courier, the customer can not make any objection about the appearance of what was delivered. Techly.com reserves in all cases to request further documentation to the customer to prove the actual damage.