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If paying by bank or postal transfer in advance, IC Intracom Italy Spa is committed to keeping locked the prices of the products of your interest for a few days, the time normally necessary to complete the currency practices of the transfer.

Nominee: IC Intracom Italy S.p.A.
IBAN: IT 35 H 03104 12500 000 000 820 698

Nominee: IC Intracom Italy s.p.a.
Postal account number: 58753922
IBAN: IT13Z 07601 12500 000 058 753 922

The sending of the ordered happen only when the actual crediting of the amount due on c / c of IC Intracom Italy S.p.A. which must be within 7 working days from the date of acceptance.
Exceeded these limits, the order will be automatically canceled.
The purpose of the bank transfer must contain:

  • the order reference number;
  • the date of the order;
  • name and surname of the order holder.


Purchases through PayPal In case of purchase of goods with payment through PayPal, simultaneously with the conclusion of the online transaction, PayPal will immediately charge the amount of your purchase.

In case of order cancellation by the customer or in case of rejection by IC Intracom Italy S.p.A., simultaneously the amount set aside for the goods will be credited on the customer's PayPal account. The timing of re-credit on the payment instrument chosen within the PayPal account depend  exclusively on PayPal and the banking system. Once the chargeback is credited on your PayPal account, under any circumstances IC Intracom Italy S.p.A. can't may be held liable for any damages, direct or indirect, caused by delays or by the banking system.

IC Intracom Italy S.p.A. reserves the right to call the customer information (eg. Landline phone number) for determining the actual ownership of the PayPal account. In the absence of the required documentation, IC Intracom Italy S.p.A.  reserves the right to refuse the order.

At no time during the purchase process IC Intracom Italy S.p.A. is able to know information about the buyer's credit card or financial information of the PayPal account. Under no circumstances IC Intracom Italy S.p.A. It can be held responsible for any fraudulent and improper use of credit cards by a third party, upon payment for products purchased on


In case of cash on delivery, payment shall be made only in the manner specified by IC Intracom Italy S.p.A. when ordering. Notice to customer of which courier will be in charge of the delivery will be made in the manner provided on the site. Nothing more than what is indicated in the order will be due by the customer.

The cash on delivery:

  • Pay by cash (up to € 999): Make the payment to the courier upon delivery of the product purchased. The courier accepts only exact amounts; it is not provided the restitution of the rest.
  • Pay by cashier's check: Make your payment to the courier upon delivery of the product purchased. The courier accepts only cashier's checks made payable to IC Intracom Italy S.p.A.; Courier can't accept bank check.

IC Intracom Italy S.p.A. shall in the case of the first customer order to perform matching and accuracy of data entered in the order via phone by its employees. For amounts exceeding € 500.00 may be requested deposit of 20% to payments or credit card or by bank transfer in ways that will be communicated by IC Intracom Italy S.p.A.